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Welcome to After Dark Tours! 

After Dark Tours is run by Steve Collie with the help of his sons Matthew and Jonathon.  After Dark Tours provides walking tours throughout Toronto and the GTA that are both educational and entertaining fun for everyone.

Ghost Tour: Exhibition Place 2017  (Since 2007 I have had over 6000 people on the tour).
Ex Place is known for its bright lights and laughter, but lurking below the surface are a few well-kept secrets that, until this tour, were known only to staff who work the late shift.

These grounds harbor otherworldly visitors is not much of a surprise.  The Horticulture Building was once used as a temporary morgue; the current site of the CNE midway was a bloody battlefield during the War of 1812; and the grounds were once home to two military forts.  Not to mention the CNE's own long history, going back to 1879 - plenty of time and plenty of reasons for an accumulation of "things that go bump in the night."

This tour focuses on bringing you right to the spot where actual paranormal events are happening.  My research is based on not only historical facts, but rather, first hand accounts from the people who actually witnessed these strange, unexplained phenomena.  This tour was written in 2007, and thanks to the success of  that tour, more people are coming forward with their fascinating stories of their own encounters with the unknown.  At the present, I have 25 known paranormal hot spots.

I have received numerous hauntings around Toronto and presently working on a new tour near the Waterfront and in the heart of Downtown

Coming soon to the tour:

- What's happening with the furniture in the Queen Elizabeth Executive Offices?  *Who is Sito???
- The Horse Palace, Why Orbs so themselves here, a new inside look at what is Haunting this place.
- An outside group has recorded voices from Stanley Barracks, we will let you hear them.
- More murders, more ghosts under the Expressway

Brampton's Haunted Ghost Tour 2017 - October, 14th, 21th and 28th

Brampton: Canada's Flowertown, one of the fastest growing communities in Ontario, home to thousands of people and many businesses.  Lurking under its happy facade lies a dark side, the paranormal.  Brampton's downtown core is home to a concentrated amount of paranormal activity, caused by 190 years of strange or unusual deaths.  This is a new tour with 9 stops West and East side of Main Street. All paranormal/haunted stops are based on 3 -5 people who have witness the
same paranormal activity or my own personal experience.

Have you ever felt like someone was brushing against you in the Queen and Main area?  Perhaps you thought you heard someone mumbling or cursing at you in that area but turned to find you were alone?  Maybe you had a run in with one of Brampton's ghosts, Mr. Kolwoski who was a Polish war veteran who went a little deranged after his wife left him in the 50's, taking all of his money.  Mr. Kolwoski would stand in the area and yell at pedestrians until his death in the 1970's.  Mr Kolwoski is only one of many ghosts haunting in and around the downtown Brampton core, join us on this walking tour and find out about the rest of our otherworldly visitors, if you dare...

Please feel free to contact me if you have any haunting or strange paranormal activity that you know of.

We do private groups min 10 people and private Corporate company tours . At the office, do a ghost tour for a change then go for dinner.

New tours , Toronto haunted spots - new never told haunted spots - Private company tours only

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